Ambulance Victoria

AMIT have been providing Ambulance Victoria Panasonic’s rugged Toughbooks in the field since 2008 and have recently purchased 1000+ Panasonic CF-20 Ruggedised notebook to replace the existing CF-19’s.

The Toughbooks have been used to access VACIS®, a world-leading emergency electronic patient care record system that paves the way for research to further enhance ambulance performance. Using the Toughbooks, paramedics can download information from medical devices used in the field like cardiac monitors and defibrillators. Upon arrival at a hospital, this information is then shared to continue assisting in emergency patient care. Wireless technology is used to synchronise the Toughbook with the central VACIS database.

AMIT also provide Ambulance Victoria’s non emergency fleet with rugged notebooks and provides all imaging and pre-configuration services prior to delivery to the end user.

Ambulance Victoria utilise AMIT’s 7 day Help Desk Support, which we provide 1st level support for all VACIS software, hardware, log on and connectivity issues.

As well, the fact that Toughbooks are dust and water resistant and have high brightness screens, ideal for both poorly and brightly lit environments, make them an essential tool for Ambulance Victoria, assisting paramedics in providing high quality patient care.