In Vehicle Solutions

Advanced Mobile IT are the market leaders in Vehicle Mounting and Tracking solutions. We offer in-vehicle solutions that are safe, easy to access and ADR compliance to over 35 different vehicle types.

AMIT’s skill set lies not only in the delivery of a superior in-vehicle solution but in the methodology applied, ensuring the most effective and efficient solution is developed and deployed with minimal business interruption and user acceptance. This methodology is based on 5 key stages:

In-Vehicle Design (Focus Group)
User Acceptance Testing
ADR Approval & Sign Off
Service & Support

AMIT is a flexible organisation which can cater specific in-vehicle product and services to meet customer requirements. Customers can choose to utilise AMIT Services as they require. For example if a customer already has a deployed solution, AMIT can customise a service and support program which can warrant non AMIT installs and hardware supplied.

AMIT provides flexible in-vehicle installation option. Installs can be carried out at our office at Castle Hill NSW, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane QLD, South Australia or on-site. AMIT can also work with a chosen recommended vehicle installer or internal fleet department.