AMIT are on hand and have extensive experience to assist with Project Implementations for any project large or small. If you require additional resources to assist with Project Management, AMIT have staff on hand that are highly experienced and can be deployed within your organisation to assist or even manage from start to finish.

Change management when rolling out a new price of technology is always an issue for our customers, using AMIT’s project implementation plan and communication framework allows customers to be rest assured that AMIT have all issues relating to project implementation covered.

AMIT can assist as little or as much as you need, you can have the piece of mind that AMIT will be there to assist in anyway we can to ensure the project is rolled out on time, within budget and without major disruptions.

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Advanced Blanking is a Display Management tool for in-vehicle computer displays, designed to keep your drivers safe and your fleet fully compliant.

It relies on GPS data that calculates the vehicle speed and locks down the unit only displaying a CAD/Turn by Turn or similar application to be displayed.  While at speed Advanced Blanking locks down the device and does not respond to any requests while driving.  Once the vehicle comes to a stop, Advanced Blanking deactivates the lock down allowing the user to interact with the device once again.

Advanced Blanking does not rely on a USB Accelerometer dongle connected to the device to activate and run the Screen Blanking, it is 100% software driven and cannot be removed or tampeter with by the driver.

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Credits: We use LicenseSpring for our software licensing (perpetual & time-limited licenses).


Once you have a reverse camera installed in the your vehicle you start to rely heavily on it day to day. When an organisation decides to install a Mobile Computer Display system in a vehicle which is installed in the dash, you will block access to the reverse camera display within the cabin. Advanced View takes the image existing reverse camera image and displays it on the install Display or Toughbook installed in the front of the vehicle as soon as the car is in reverse. Another example of AMIT ongoing development of solutions that allows an easily transition and change management of deploying a mobile data terminal solution to your fleet. 

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AMIT offers a Premium Managed Service Option which provides ultimate peace of mind that if a piece of hardware breaks down in the field it will be replaced on-site same day.

As premium support partners to all products we offer, this ensures our customers receive the best possible service and support. Our dedicated 1800 Help Desk together with our unique on-line service database for logging of service jobs in real time guarantees AMIT is able to provide the best possible service support response 24/7.

AMIT will assist with the creating of a Gold Image and can pre-load, asset label and upload asset register on our on-line asset register, providing our customers with real time secure asset tracking data at a touch of a button.

AMIT also offer on-site deployment and replacement and will co-ordinate the return of your old hardware to your leasing company or wipe your hard drive and recycle your old equipment.

Whatever your project requirement, AMIT can customise a solution that is right for you.

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Advanced Mobile IT are the market leaders in Vehicle Mounting and Tracking solutions. We offer in-vehicle solutions that are safe, easy to access and ADR compliance to over 35 different vehicle types.

AMIT’s skill set lies not only in the delivery of a superior in-vehicle solution but in the methodology applied, ensuring the most effective and efficient solution is developed and deployed with minimal business interruption and user acceptance. This methodology is based on 5 key stages:

In-Vehicle Design (Focus Group)
User Acceptance Testing
ADR Approval & Sign Off
Service & Support

AMIT is a flexible organisation which can cater specific in-vehicle product and services to meet customer requirements. Customers can choose to utilise AMIT Services as they require. For example if a customer already has a deployed solution, AMIT can customise a service and support program which can warrant non AMIT installs and hardware supplied.

AMIT provides flexible in-vehicle installation option. Installs can be carried out at our office at Castle Hill NSW, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane QLD, South Australia or on-site. AMIT can also work with a chosen recommended vehicle installer or internal fleet department.

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